VMware ESX 3.5 7-30-09 – KB1012543

VMware has released ESX 3.5 patches.  6 Patches, 4 are Critical.  KB1012543 is most interesting overall.  Hit the jump for links and more information.

Click Here to View the VMware KB

Interesting bits from this KB:

  • The maximum username length of UserAccount in the VMware VI Toolkit is increased from 16 to 32 characters.
  • Fixes an hostd memory leak issue with HTTP connection recycling when communicating with UI, SDK etc.

I find the second point most important, as we provide “iLO-like” access to our users using the WebService via VirtualCenter.  VMware has stated in the past we should turn this off to prevent memory leak issues, however it was not an option.  This is certainly a welcome fix!

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