VMware KB1009607 – Pegasus CIMSERVER Memory Leak

VMware has acknowledged an issue that we have been battling for some time with a Pegasus CIMSERVER memory leak.  It has been fixed under ESX 4, as it does not use Pegasus, otherwise setup a CRON job for restart Pegasus periodically.

This issue has been extremely frustrating in our environment for a very long time, and initially we suspected that HP SIM may be to blame, turns out we may have gotten that wrong.

We have worked with VMware Support many times, and this is the first time they have acknowledged this leak and that HP SIM is not the culprit.

Read the KB here.

  • I think this is the issue we have been battling with over the past 6 months. I’m currently on my 4th call with HP so hopefully we can finally get this solved!

  • We have worked with HP and VMware for quite some time on this one with BL685 and 465 blades without success. I hope you get something, and if you do, please let us know! Thank you for your comment.

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