You are reading the blog of William Patton.  I am a Senior Consultant working in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA area for over a decade.  I am employed by VMware, makers of Virtualization software and Cloud management tools.

The views, thoughts, and information expressed here are mine and not that of my employer or any other entities.  I am not paid to blog, this blog only exists to keep interesting information for reference, and for general information on Virtualization, Computing, Storage, Networking, and personal thoughts.

I have been working with VMware products such as ESX 4, 3x and 2.5x, VirtualCenter 2x and 1x, vCenter Server 4, GSX, Server, Workstation and Player for more than 10 years.  VMware solutions such as Site Recovery Manager, vCenter Chargeback and Lab Manager/vCloud Director.  I have supported Microsoft Windows NT4, 2000, 2003 (R2), 2008 (R2) along with Linux (Redhat and Suse primarily) under these Virtualized environments.

My experience with Storage is in Fiber Storage Arrays from HP MSA and EVA arrays to EMC Clariion and DMX-4/VMAX.  Fiber Networking from Cisco, Brocade and Qlogic.  Networking products from both the HP Procurve and Cisco NX & IOS based devices.

Updated: Sept. 14 2011 14:35PM CST