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Symantec Doc. ID – 330033 – MSSQL Netbackup DB Backup Skipped

There is an issue with all versions of Netbackup 6.5 through the latest 6.5.5.  This issue might cause the backup of a large number of databases to become unreliable and skip databases. Read the full Document here. We have seen this behavior on a few systems, and found that carving up the backups into smaller […]

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What will your role be in the Cloud?: Virtual Insanity

Chris Everette, a Contributor to Virtual Insanity posted his thoughts on Cloud Computing and what it means to IT.  Read it here. This past evening, I had an email conversation with a former colleague who is on the development side of Cloud Computing.  Morgan Catlin, Vice President of IT for Valtira, and I discussed how […]

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Virtualization for All!

Finally, Microsoft has realized it's position on virtualization in the Enterprise Datacenter is ancient!

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