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VMware Clustering vCenter Server 4 on MSCS

*NOTICE* As of July 16, 2010 – VMware KB1024051 – has been published stating that “VMware does not support third party clustering products.”  The instructions below should not be used for any production or supported environment. VIOPS has a good document on how to cluster the vCenter services on MSCS.  Things have changed slightly from […]

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VMware KB1003797 – Unable to migrate: Virtual machine is configured to use a device that prevents migration

There seems to be a lot of confusion about vMotion and bus-shared VMDKs.  For the record, and from VMware, it is not recommended nor supported to vMotion your VM between ESX Hosts when using either Virtual or Physical mode bus-sharing. Please see the KB here. I know there are plenty that will disagree and have […]

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