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VMware vSphere Hardening Guide – Draft Rev. B

VMware has released a draft of the vSphere Hardening Guide, and are encouraging feedback from the community.  It is broken into multiple pieces. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Virtual Machines Part 3: Host Part 4: vNetwork   Part 5: vCenter Part 6: COS *Update*  An official Hardening Guide for vSphere 4 has been released   […]

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VMware Patch/Maintenance Alerts Subscription

If you would like to receive VMware patching notifications, just go this page and enter your email address! Just enter your email here, and then select your Subscription preferences on the link they send you.

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8 ESX 3.5 Patches (4 Critical) – 8/31/09

8 new patches have been released for ESX 3.5 only.  These do not apply to ESX/i 4 or older versions of ESX/i 3.x. ESX350-200908401-BG – General ESX350-200908402-BG – Critical ESX350-200908403-BG – General ESX350-200908404-BG – General ESX350-200908405-BG – Critical ESX350-200908406-BG – Critical ESX350-200908407-BG – General ESX350-200908408-BG – Critical

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