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VMware KB1024051 – MSCS vCenter Clustering Unsupported

A newly published VMware KB1024051 article now states that “VMware does not support third party clustering products.” This means that Microsoft Clustering Service or Veritas Cluster Services are not supported for vCenter 4.x. Please take this into account when designing mission-critical vCenter deployments.  These customers should be looking at VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat with VMware […]

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VMware Clustering vCenter Server 4 on MSCS

*NOTICE* As of July 16, 2010 – VMware KB1024051 – has been published stating that “VMware does not support third party clustering products.”  The instructions below should not be used for any production or supported environment. VIOPS has a good document on how to cluster the vCenter services on MSCS.  Things have changed slightly from […]

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VMware KB1016262 – vCenter Agent Install Fails on ESXi 4 Host

VMware just posted an alert on this for ESXi 4 Hosts managed by either vCenter 4 or 4 Update 1.  If you remove and re-add the Host to vCenter, or upgrade vCenter to Update 1 you may experience this issue. At this time, there is no official fix, however it appears a reboot should fix […]

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